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A Guide to Finding the Best Australian Theme Park Tickets

Theme parks and endless entertainment go hand in hand. These awesome attractions have plenty of entertainment options to appeal to people of all ages, from the young to the young at heart. From some of the world’s tallest and fastest thrill rides, Australian theme parks account for nine of the top ten amusements and water parks in the entire South Pacific region. All theme parks in the country feature so many different kinds of experiences from world-class roller coasters, to water rides that will get your heart pounding, and even massive marine-life exhibits.

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If you are planning a trip to the land down under, make sure that you book your Australian theme park tickets in advance because they tend to be cheaper online than at the gate. Check out various online sites that sell them and always compare theme parks tickets. Here are some of the most important things that you need to remember if you are looking for the best Australian theme park tickets.

Compare Theme Parks in Australia

Spending a holiday with your family or getting some needed vacation time from work is a great idea to bring your group closer, or to de-stress, and have fun. Australia offers a diverse range of attractions that are sure to entice any kind of traveler. However, if you are traveling with children or if you just enjoy an adventure-filled trip, there is no better way to spend your vacation than visiting one of Australia’s famous theme parks. A theme park is the perfect place for that much-needed family bonding especially during summer when the kids are on school holidays.

A theme park offers a wide range of things to do and an endless list of attractions to see. Aside from the rides, all theme parks in Australia feature so many must-see and must-try events, restaurants, shows, and shopping options. Spending even just a single day in one of the many theme parks in the country will definitely get you wired on fun and adventure. If you are trying to compare theme parks to figure out which one is right for you and your companions, we are here to help you out. Here are three theme parks which represent the best of the best for all theme parks in the country.

Sea World

Seaworld is unrelated to the chain of similarly-named theme parks in the U.S., Sea World is located in the Gold Coast and opened its doors to the public in 1971. If you are planning to spend several days in this area, you might want to purchase Australian theme park tickets that give you access to multiple theme parks – there are a lot of them in this location! This theme park has a giant aquarium where visitors can go snorkeling with sharks and sting rays. They can also choose to just watch dolphins perform their unusual and fun tricks. The park lists 15 rides.

Dream World

Found on the Gold Coast as well is Dreamworld. This impressive theme park is the biggest of all theme parks found in the country. The park also has continuous plans for development and they just keep adding more and more rides and getting bigger and bigger. The park offers more than 40 rides and attractions, including five roller coasters that will definitely capture the attention of a thrill-seeker for the entire day. You can cuddle a koala, watch an amazing tiger show, and explore the many shops found in the park. However, Dreamworld is mostly about the legendary rides such as the Tower of Terror and the water slides that will cool you down in the Queensland heat.

Wet N’ Wild

Another theme park found on the Gold Coast is Wet’n’Wild. This is a water park, one of the seven that is operating worldwide under the same name. This theme park opened in 2004 and features 4 pools and 17 slides, and 2 children’s areas, which are open all year round. This theme park offers you the opportunity to splash into another world, through some of the biggest and most extreme water slides in all theme parks in the country. They have a wide variety of rides, but for those who are looking for extreme thrills, the terrifying Tornado and the crazy Kamikaze offer an action-packed and adrenaline-pumping experience for the extreme riders.

Get Tickets Online for All Theme Parks

When planning your holiday for your whole family or for your group of friends, you will definitely come to see that a trip which includes visits to theme parks can get pretty expensive. Aside from the airfares (if you are coming from another state or another country), you will also have to think about the cost of accommodation, food and drinks, tours, and transportation on top of the cost of the Australian theme park tickets. If you do not budget properly and spend wisely, it is so easy to spend a fortune and come back with a considerable amount of credit card debt.

There are certainly numerous ways to save money on your trip. On the top of this list is finding out ways to get cheaper Australian theme park tickets. Just remember that if you are looking for Australian theme park tickets that are reasonably priced, there are many avenues to get them. Most of the time, it is better to get them in plan your trip in advance and get to compare theme parks tickets online. In fact, as much as possible, avoid getting tickets for all theme parks at the gate, since the queues at the gate are often very long and you will definitely waste a lot of time waiting in line.

Check out group and family passes

With a little bit of research and some patience, you can find Australian theme park tickets online at low and competitive prices. Check out group and family passes which offer a huge discount from individual Australian theme park tickets prices. Some passes offers unlimited access to multiple theme parks in the Gold Coast, so that there is no need to compare theme parks when you can just see all of them in one trip. Some passes will also give you unlimited access to certain events and attractions, so if you have plans to go back more than once, this might be worth looking into. Other passes cost less for children, so make sure that you look for this first if you are traveling with children.

With these passes, you can see and do more when you are in the theme parks. You also get to save money and enjoy more flexibility. Other ways to cut the cost of Australian theme park tickets include: getting all theme parks tickets during the off-season. If you compare theme parks in Australia, you would notice that they are known to offer great deals during the off-season to increase the number of visitor. As a matter of fact, some have been known to cut the price to up to 75 percent, while some give away free Australian theme park tickets with certain purchases. Despite the low prices you might see online, definitely compare theme parks first and check out which attractions are featured before you settle on one.

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Top Tips to Make the Most out of Your Theme Park Visit

The first thing you need to make sure is that you always make sure that you already your Australian theme park tickets or passes with you. The next thing that you need to do is to organize a plan of attack. Keeping everyone in your group happy while facing a seven-hour day of walking, enjoying rides, and thrill-seeking can be a difficult task. Compare theme parks attractions and prices to figure out which one is most likely to satisfy every single member of your group. Most travelers opt for the bigger theme parks for the variety, while other prefer smaller ones to avoid crowds of people.

Check out the park map, ride descriptions and show times online before you bring out your Australian theme park tickets and head to your theme park of choice to get an idea of what everyone wants to see and do while you’re there. It is a great idea to plan to go on the big rides before lunch because you definitely do not want to smell of dried vomit throughout the day. Make sure that you also pack a change of clothes, especially if there is a water park or slide in the area. Walking home in wet clothes should never be an option for you. Some theme parks have a mobile app which allows you to check out an interactive map, easily access show times, and compare theme parks attractions and rides.

Save some money

Before you go packing a picnic lunch so that you can save some money after spending a lot on the trip and the Australian theme park tickets, you should keep in mind that all theme parks have varying rules when it comes to food that visitors bring into the area. For example, Wet’n’Wild says go for it, as long as you do not bring commercially prepared food, alcohol, or glassware. The park even has coin-operated barbecues so you can grill some sausages which you can serve when you are on break from all the water slides. On the other hand, Sea World and Movie World do not allow any food to be brought in unless you have a dietary requirement.

Finally, jump the queues by trying out a few nifty tricks. For instance, Movie World offers ‘Parent Swap’ for moments when one child cannot ride or just does not want to. One person can enjoy the ride while another waits with the child and when the first person jumps off, the second person can go to the front of the queue to save time. Make sure to ask the ride attendant at each ride for details. The best way, however, is to still find discounted rates for Australian theme park tickets and compare theme parks online to get the best deals online. Some bookings will even include your entry ticket to the park (or a discounted entry rate) in the price.